Top 5 Secret Fishing Tips

September 17, 2018

For the average fishermen hitting the water and casting a line is a hit and miss affair. Spending hours waiting for the rod to scream into action and coming home empty handed. But it’s actually very simple to improve your chances of catching fish if you follow these top 5 secret fishing tips.  



#1 Finding the location.

Fishermen are throwing away out dated books, ditching hours of searching the net and they are going high tech with a smart app called Fishlocator.

Fishlocator Pro app is fast becoming the secret weapon fishermen are now turning to, to find new fishing hot spots all over the Globe. This simple but effective app allows the user to search their desired fishing location on a map to reveal fishing hot spots, types of fish likely to catch, boat ramps, fishing charters and even fishing supplies. One of the best features is the fishing forecast with solunar times. More details are available from their website and the app is available through the App Store and Google Play.

Fishlocator's facebook page is worth a look too as often they give away prizes to users who contribute in the app or like their page.



#2 Solunar Times.

The time of the sun, moon and tide cycle is simply like an on and off switch for fish to feed. Fish just don’t feed all day long so it’s important to be there at the feeing time. In 1926 John Alden Knight proved the effect the sun and moon have on not just tides but fish and animal feeding habits.  He called it the Solunar cycle. Basically the closer the sun and moon are to you at any given moment, the stronger the influence on feeding.  There are peak times, days and months. The peak days are when a new or full moon occurs, as this will provide the strongest influence in each month. Peak times are just before the sun rise, set or high tides. Best of all, three days around the new or full moon at sunrise or set will see fish go crazy. So remember look for a high tide, sun rise or set, moon rise or set and new or full moon and plan to fish then. Not when you can. 



#3 Berley.

It happens all the time. The guy just a bit further up is catching heaps and you’re not. Most of the time it’s because he has attracted them with burley. The fish are attracted to food by a number of triggers like smell, sound, sight and taste. Small bait fish are excellent to have feeding around your spot as they attract predators from the sight and sound of the feeding frenzy they create. Chook pellets thrown out over the water will make a sound that attracts them and gets them starting to feed.  Sometimes it depends of the type of fish you’re trying to attract. For instance chook pellets will bring in the nearby bait fish but mix in tuna oil and 30 mins later you’ve attracted fish that hunt by taste and smell. Fishing from a boat is the same although it’s a lot easier to hang a burley bucket off the side and down where the fish feed.  It’s very simple and cheap to make your own berley from fish frames, old bread, chook pellets and tuna oil. Chop the fish frames, bread and mix in the tuna oil all in a bucket, separate into small plastic bags and freeze so you’ll have a ready to go berley bomb.


#4 Structure

To survive fish use structure to hide or blend in. Have you ever looked out from the pier and see nothing swimming in the clear blue water? Well that’s because fish don’t want to be eaten and are hiding under the pier around the pylons or out further around the structure. Boat fishermen know this and use the sounder to find structure or schools of fish but most don’t know it’s important to know which way the tidal flow is going. Fish will hide on the opposite side of the tidal flow as it is an easier swim. That’s where you want to drop your line.



#5 Weather

Lastly after a storm and a lot of rain the predatory fish a looking for an easy feed around river mouths and rock walls. The wash from upstream sets them off as it’s filled with food and the water is clouded making it easier for them to strike. A well placed live bait or lure will be hard to resist.



If you combine these 5 tips together you will improve your catch rate and maybe just land that big one to show off.




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Top 5 Secret Fishing Tips

September 17, 2018

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